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Wired reports that Facebook has announced that "it has begun testing virtual storefronts on company Pages, so consumers can shop without ever leaving its app or site. Google too is now testing an e-commerce option to let mobile users make purchases directly in search results via shopping ads that pop up at the top."

The story goes on to say that "the push into more naturally integrated e-commerce makes sense, even if the real goal isn’t to become a retail hub.

"These tech titans don’t necessarily want, or need, to replace a shopping site like Amazon, or even the IRL Walmart. But with millions of people signing onto Facebook and searching in Google daily, adding another seamless in-house service has bottom-line appeal. What’s for an advertiser not to love about buying an ad that itself is also a way to make a purchase? As for consumers, in-app purchases mean you never have to leave, which is exactly what these companies want."

Meanwhile, there also are a number of reports that Google wants to push into the home services business - going where Angie's List has made a considerable impact, and where Amazon is broadening its presence. Buzzfeed says that Google is "working on a service that would connect local plumbers, cleaners, painters, and other workers with homeowners."
KC's View:
To use the word again ... this is about creating ecosystems and removing barriers between the shop and the shopper.