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The Chicago Tribune reports that "McDonald's, looking to boost its sales, is in search of an iconic burger for the Chicago area and is soliciting recipes from the public for its Burger Build Off contest."

The story goes on: "There are countless combinations. Choose among eight kinds of buns from ciabatta to pretzel. Make it a double or triple patty stack. Would you use a special sauce? Perhaps a healthy kale burger? Go beyond the typical American and cheddar cheese slices and sprinkle on feta or shaved Parmesan. Add applewood smoked bacon or chili lime tortilla strips. Drizzle a cilantro lime glaze or spicy buffalo sauce. Sure, top it off with healthier ingredients like apple slices, if you really want to."

The Tribune writes that "voting goes from Aug. 24 through Sept. 13. Only 10 finalists will move on to the McDonald's chef kitchen in Oak Brook to refine their recipes and present their burgers to a panel judging on taste, texture, smell, appeal, appearance, size, how easy or difficult it is to prepare, and how it will fit in the McDonald's kitchen process."
KC's View:
I can't tell you how to win, but I can tell you how to immediately take yourself out of contention. Just begin the recipe with the words, First, start with real beef...

Okay, that was a cheap shot. I couldn't help myself.

I actually don't think this is a bad idea. McDonald's has to do something to freshen up its menu, and getting customers to invent a burger is not the craziest concept I've ever heard. If it works, maybe they could make it a national and ongoing effort...