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The Associated Press reports that Netflix is expanding its parental leave policy, offering new parents on the payroll "up to a year of paid leave in a move that could pressure other technology employers to improve their baby benefits as they vie for talent.

The story says that the new policy will allow new parents to go out on leave, come back to work full-time or part-time, and then go back on leave, as needed ... being paid in full the entire time. It is, the story says, "generous even by the high standards of Silicon Valley, where free meals and other perquisites supplement lavish salaries in the competitive battle for technology workers."

The AP notes that Netflix always has been seen as a generous employer, offering good pay and stock options to the majority of employees. Plus, "Netflix traditionally has long given its workers more leeway than most employers. For instance, the company already allows employees to take an unlimited amount of vacation each year, as long as they get their assignments done and fulfill other requirements of their jobs."
KC's View:
Obviously, not every company can offer such a benefit. But I think Netflix is to be complimented for having an enlightened approach to employee benefits issues, and to understanding that a nurtured and supported employee often will respond by feeling a sense of real ownership in the company, which is good for everyone in the long run.

In a tough technology job market, this is how you become a preferred employer.