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There's a terrific piece in The New Yorker about what the author calls "the state of modern winespeak," in which the language is extravagant, flowery, elaborate - and "intrinsically B.S.-prone." The problem is that despite the often overwrought language, descriptions tend to be imprecise and no helpful, reflective as much of the biases of the reviewer as the quality of the wine.

The additional problem, the story suggests, is the people describing wines are as often committed to the poetry of the product as the reality.

It is an amusing little story, with a nice bouquet and a strong finish ... and you can read it here.
KC's View:
A tip of the hat to my old friend, teacher and mentor Vic Magnotta, who used to tell me as a writer to be careful "not to engage in nebulous verbosity." I remember it, and him, pretty much every day.