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The Sacramento Bee reports that California Gov. Jerry Brown has rejected entreaties by business interests and signed new legislation that would require supermarkets "to retain employees for at least 90 days after a merger or buyout ... In addition to preventing a grocery store owner from firing workers without cause during that 90-day period, the legislation requires the store’s new owner to consider offering those workers continued employment."

However, the bill may not impact stores that are closed for 90 days after being acquired, and Brown said in a signing message that he hopes that this window will be closed by additional legislation "before the end of this legislative session."

The Bee story notes that "Assembly Bill 359 ... was backed by labor unions and opposed by business interests. The California Chamber of Commerce included it in its annual list of 'job killer' bills."
KC's View:
I'm not sure this is a job killer, but I understand business's concerns. After all, if having to maintain employment levels prevents some companies from acquiring the Haggen stores now on the market, for example, and those employees end up on the street, it sort of defeats the purpose of the legislation.

That said, I feel bad for these employees, and I understand the impulse to protect them.