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Fortune has a long profile of Whole Foods founder John Mackey, who says that in an organization and industry, "You need dissonance, and you need someone who is challenging things. Otherwise you get stuck."

"The same term would certainly apply to Whole Foods itself right now," Fortune writes. "The company is in a period of dissonance, one that makes the attacks on its Responsibly Grown program seem like small organic purple potatoes. First came accusations, in June, that its stores overcharged customers in New York City—which prompted investor lawsuits as well. Then, in August, comedian John Oliver spent three minutes on HBO’s Last Week Tonight mocking Whole Foods for selling bottled water laced with asparagus stalks … for $5.99. The company said it was a mistake, but the episode gave yet more currency to the notion that the chain dubbed 'Whole Paycheck' was out of touch."

There is a difference, the story suggests, between being a dissonant influence and being out of touch ... and current events suggest that Mackey's philosophy of "Conscious Capitalism" could be severely tested.

Fascinating piece ... and you can read it here.
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