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by Kevin Coupe

Jet is the new e-commerce site launched by Marc Lore, a founder of online retailer Quidsi, which he sold to Amazon in 2011 for $545 million. The hype behind Jet is that it is designed to compete effectively on price with Amazon ... and the company has raised $220 million in funding to support those efforts.

Now, Jet is launching a new mass advertising campaign to communicate its message ... and you can see it above. It's a clever piece of work - more aspirational and philosophical than specific - that tries to communicate the idea that Jet wants to reinvent shopping.

Published reports say that Jet plans to spend $100 million on marketing over the next year ... which suggests that the company wants and needs to raise a lot more money to support both its pricing model and marketing costs, since that is close to half of the total it originally raised.

You can watch the commercial above ... look at it as an opening salvo in what is expected to be a protracted battle against both Amazon and Walmart.

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