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The Wall Street Journal had an interesting piece the other day in which it elicited comments from "a group of industry and academic thought leaders" about how millennials will reshape business, the economy and culture in 20 years.

In one of the sections, Jennifer Deal - a senior research scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership and an affiliated research scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California - writes that there are a number of factors suggesting that "a substantial percentage of millennials will be single at middle age. This increase in singleness is likely to have substantial implications for organizations.

"For many millennials, being single will mean they have freedom to work more hours and move when the organization needs them to. (A year as an expat in Paris? Great!) In many ways, this flexibility will be advantageous for organizations because they will benefit from the focus on work these employees will be able to maintain. But just as these single millennials will be able to move for the organization, they will also be able to move for themselves. (A new job with a 25% increase in salary in San Diego so I can spend more time surfing? Great!) These employees will be freer to take advantage of opportunities at other organizations, or simply decide they want to go do something else without worrying about disrupting their family."

Which means, if Deal is right, that companies may have to rethink how they appeal to these employees, understanding that there may be different incentives and benefits to be dangled in front of them.

It is a provocative section, and you can check it out here. There's lots of good stuff there to absorb.
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