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Reuters reports that Albertsons plans to move ahead "with plans for an initial public offering in late September or early October that could value it as much as $24 billion," a decision that "underscores its confidence that it can fetch a high valuation for Albertsons" despite recent volatility in the stock market.

"As Albertsons markets itself to investors, it will tout still unrealized synergies from the Safeway merger and potential acquisition opportunities," the story says, and it will do so despite the $1 billion lawsuit filed against it by Haggen, which acquired 146 stores that had to be divested when Albertsons acquired Safeway.
KC's View:
One of the things said to be pushing Cerberus - Albertsons' majority owner - to do this is the strong stock market performance of Kroger, which it hopes to replicate. But I'm not sure that's the best way to be looking at it ... Albertsons is big, but it isn't Kroger.