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Fortune reports that Walgreen has struck a deal with on-demand delivery service Postmates to provide 24/7 delivery of "a fairly comprehensive catalog of Walgreen’s products." The service will be available in every market where Walgreen operates, the story says, and in the beginning will carry a flat $4.99 delivery fee.

"Though it’s mostly known for delivering meals from restaurants, Postmates has been making a huge push over the past year to ink high-profile deals with retailers in other industries, and Walgreens is only the latest," Fortune writes. "Others include Chipotle, the Apple Store, 7-Eleven, and Starbucks ... This latest partnership is also part of Postmates grand plan to make its logistics more efficient - and better pricing for customers."
KC's View:
If you ignore my broader concerns about outsourcing delivery functions, this story continues a trend that seems to be picking up significant momentum in recent weeks, as more and more retailers seek relevance through delivery services that will bring their products to their shoppers, as opposed to vice-versa.