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• The International Business Times reports that "outages from Amazon Web Services (AWS) caused major disruptions Sunday morning for customers using Amazon services as well as users of Netflix, entertainment database IMDb and a number of others ... AWS provides cloud computing services to many companies and applications ... Amazon has data centers around the globe, which are used by companies for their information technology needs. Many companies choose to use such a service so that they do not have fund their own data centers. As Sunday’s outages showed, the major downside for companies is that if anything goes wrong they, like their customers, have to wait."

• The Chicago Tribune reports that Peet's Coffee & Tea is rolling out a plan to offer all-day warm breakfast options - ranging from bacon and cheddar breakfast sandwiches to kale and goat cheese flatbreads - in all of its stores nationally. The story notes that the program has been offered in 17 Chicago units in recent weeks, expand to other markets by the end of the year, and then "eventually to all of the company's 243 locations."

• The Associated Press reports that Coca-Cola has been notified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that "it owes $3.3 billion more in federal taxes, as well as interest, for 2007 to 2009 ... The Atlanta-based company said in a regulatory filing that it believes the assessments from the Internal Revenue Service are without merit and plans to pursue 'all administrative and judicial remedies necessary to resolve the matter'."
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