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In Minnesota, the Pioneer Press reports that Hy-Vee is set to make its debut in the Twin Cities tomorrow with a 90,000 square foot supermarket in Oakdale. "Hy-Vee is entering a crowded Twin Cities grocery market," the story says, "competing with Lunds & Byerly's, Kowalski's, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Cub Foods, Target, Walmart, Aldi and more -- all with significant locations near Oakdale. It's a buyer's market for food shoppers."

The story notes that Hy-Vee is hoping that its focus on customer service, fresh food, and nutritional issues will help it stand apart from the competition.
KC's View:
Hy-Vee is a tough competitor ... but to be honest, there is nothing in the story that makes me think that they'll put Lunds/Byerly's at any sort of disadvantage. Lunds/Byerly's is one of my favorite retailers around the country, and I think they do an extraordinary job ... as do a number of other retailers in the marketplace. The area has a robust co-op community ... I'm a particular fan of the Wedge Co-op, ... that also will offer Hy-Vee tough competition.

Let the games begin.