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City Wire reports that Walmart said yesterday that it is acquiring PunchTab, a Silicon valley company "known for building a software platform that helps brands like Walmart and Sam’s Club better understand and engage with customers in a unified way online, on mobile and in physical stores."

“As part of the acquisition, six PunchTab technologists will join @WalmartLabs and we’ll also be acquiring PunchTab’s technology. We’ll use the technology to enhance our existing ‘customer relationship management’ tools, or the technology behind how we reach customers across e-mail, on our websites, on mobile phones and in our physical stores,” says Jeremy King, head of WalmartLabs.

City Wire notes that "this is the 15th acquisition by WalmartLabs in the past four years as the retailer continues to build out its e-commerce team in San Bruno and around the world."

City Wire also reports that a new survey suggests that 74 percent of those questioned said that they liked the new grocery pickup models being tested by Walmart, with "with 77% of the first time participants indicating they would at least moderately likely to use the service again. Among repeat customers, 69% said they will continue to use the pickup services for their grocery needs."

However, the story also says that "just barely one in 10 of customers in the test markets have used the grocery pickup service."
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