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The Financial Times reports that "almost half of UK households buying groceries are visiting Aldi or Lidl every month, as they open stores in more upmarket areas and appeal to wealthier shoppers with premium products." Nielsen says that "the trend is helping the German discounters to increase their market share. Aldi and Lidl accounted for 10.7 per cent of UK supermarket sales in the 12 weeks to September 12, compared with 8.7 per cent a year earlier."

It is a stark contrast to what's happening at some of the UK's biggest retailers, the story says, with sales and market share dropping at Tesco, Asda and Morrison. Only Sainsbury saw an increase in sales.
KC's View:
US retailers that compete with Aldi and will compete with Lidl should take note.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Now go do something about it. After all, "compete" is a verb...