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The Salisbury Post reports on a new video documentary, "Lessons in leadership," about Food Lion founder Ralph Ketner, that this week is being distributed in DVD form, along with a five-lesson plan, to every high school in North Carolina.

The movie "produced through a partnership between Food Lion and Catawba College, documents fully the business life and philosophy of Ketner, who once presided over the fastest-growing grocery company in America."

The story notes that Meg Ham, president of Food Lion, now owned by Delhaize, "described Ketner as an icon, leader and friend. Ketner, who retired from Food Lion in 1991, still participates in some of the company functions such as when store managers of the year gather at Food Lion’s Founders’ Hall and Food Lion employees have their annual picnic.

"Ham herself has lunch with Ketner on occasion. She said he shows up with a letter detailing all the items he wants to discuss before the lunch is over. Ketner’s loyalty to Food Lion, which started out as a lone Food Town store in 1957, has not wavered. Never will he set foot in another store,' Ham said."
KC's View:
I couldn't help but think that when "Lessons in Leadership" sowed up in high school classrooms all over North Carolina, the students must've looked at it and said to themselves, "What's a DVD?"

That said ... I think that any effort that connects business to the classroom has the potential to be extraordinarily positive.