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The Financial Times reports that Aldi has announced its intention to expand into online shopping in the UK next year, "further stepping up the pressure on Britain’s big supermarkets.:

The story notes that "Aldi said it would launch an online shopping site next year, selling wine and its non-food special offers," with Aldi UK CEO Matthew Barnes saying, “Our launch online is another exciting chapter in our story. This will enable us to introduce the Aldi brand and some of our best-selling, best quality and best value products to thousands more customers across the UK.”

In the UK, discounters like Aldi and Lidl have steadily growing sales, eroding the market share of traditional UK grocers.
KC's View:
If this works out in the UK, it is not hard to imagine that Aldi will then start to roll out an e-commerce program in the US. This would happen at a time when it is expanding its US bricks-and-mortar footprint, and when Lidl also is planning a presence here.

Mainstream, traditional grocery retailers are going to be at risk. Serious risk. And they have to start competing now.