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Week Three in the National Football League...

Bengals 28
Ravens 24

Saints 22
Panthers 27

Buccaneers 9
Texans 19

Jaguars 17
Patriots 51

Eagles 24
Jets 17

49ers 7
Cardinals 47

Bears 0
Seahawks 26

Raiders 27
Browns 20

Falcons 39
Cowboys 28

Colts 35
Titans 33

Chargers 14
Vikings 31

Steelers 12
Rams 6

Bills 41
Dolphins 14

Broncos 24
Lions 12

And, in Major League Baseball, the New York Mets clinched over the weekend the National League East championship, sending them to the postseason for the first time since 2006.
KC's View:
A brief note here ... as I try to restrain my glee at the Mets' performance. On Friday, I neglected to note that the Kansas City Royals had clinched the American League Central championship, which led to several emails accusing me of an east coast bias. There's probably a bit of truth to that, though not reporting the Royals' news certainly was not deliberate. I did fix it during the late morning hours, but wanted to reiterate the Royals' win this morning.

That said ... Let's Go, Mets! (I basically have three favorite teams. The Mets, the Mariners, and whoever is playing the Yankees.)