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Yesterday, MNB took note of a Los Angeles Times story saying that the Hydrox cookie is back, being sold by Leaf Brands exclusively on Amazon. We noted how previous owners had changed the name, then stopped selling the cookie and even let the trademark lapse ... which opened the door for an entrepreneur to buy the trademark rights and work to bring the cookie - of which he had cherished childhood memories - back to the market.

Well, we got an email yesterday from Ellia Kassoff, who happens to be the entrepreneur in question, as well as CEO of Leaf Brands:

I read your comments about how the Hydrox cookie brand was mismanaged by Keebler and then Kellogg’s.  I totally agree.  They changed the formulas, changed the name, alienated their core customer base and then said Hydrox failed!  Big companies make stupid decisions.  I received a call from an old Kellogg’s executive who told me they simply had too many people trying to make a name for themselves and figured by “tweaking” the product, they would get credit for its success.

Great lesson about how to nurture a brand. And how to screw it up. Everybody and every company makes these kinds of mistakes ... and it is nice to see an iconic brand rise from the ashes.

BTW ... NPR had a story about the Hydrox cookie that is worth a listen here.
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