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This week, at least from where I'm sitting, Stephen Colbert is hitting two-for-two.

Yesterday, we offered you a look at a video clip from "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" in which he had a little fun at the expense of Whole Foods.

Today, we have another piece ... equally funny, but a lot more pointed and even a little vicious. Appropriately so, I think.

The subject is vaping - and Colbert lashes out at a number of things driving the industry, including what strikes me as an unconscionable focus on marketing to young people (with flavors concocted clearly to attract them and turn them into customers as soon as possible).

The comments are, I think, well-aimed and timely.

I've made the point here over the years that I believe that if there is a hell, there is special circle there reserved for the executives who worked for tobacco companies and sold their products even when knowledge about their health consequences were known.

Now, I'm thinking, there may be an adjacent circle reserved for the people working in the vaping business ... and I suspect Colbert may feel the same way.

The jury may be out on the long-term health impact of this stuff. But it isn't hard to imagine that when all the results are in, it'll be an Eye-Opener.

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