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• The Wall Street Journal reports that "disappointing results from a recent bankruptcy auction could mean another 6,000 workers will join the line of former Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Inc. employees at the unemployment office by Thanksgiving, court papers indicate.

"That estimate is based on about 70 stores that went unsold, with an average of 80 jobs per store. It is in addition to the jobs lost when 25 stores were closed by the troubled chain, and an unknown number of jobs lost at stores being sold to buyers that won’t be operating grocery outlets. Less than half the stores sold last week involved deals for employees, or at least agreements to talk to employees."

• In California, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation that will bar meat producers in the state from routinely feeding antibiotics to livestock.

Reuters writes that "the move from California, known for its leadership on public health and environmental issues, comes amid growing concern that the overuse of such drugs is contributing to rising numbers of life-threatening human infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as 'superbugs' ... Veterinary use of antibiotics is legal. However, as the number of human infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria increases, consumer advocates, public health experts and investors have become more critical of the practice of routinely feeding antibiotics to chickens, cattle and pigs."

• The Lakeland Ledger reports that Publix "is in talks to open its first college campus store at the University of South Florida ... The proposed store and 150 parking spaces would occupy about 3 acres at the site, which presently houses part of the school’s Andros dormitories."

"We are excited about the potential partnership with USF,” said Brian West, a company spokesman. “Both Publix and USF are in the due diligence period.”
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