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Bloomberg reports that in the UK, Tesco is taking a new approach to price matching, "giving Britons immediate discounts off their shopping bill if they buy branded goods that could have been purchased for less at one of the supermarket chain’s main competitors."

This new approach, the story says, "intensifies a price war" and is a shifty away from Tesco's previous approach - to give customers a voucher to use on future purchases if their entire shopping basket could be purchased for less at the competition.

However, Tesco is defining "competition" very specifically - as Walmart-owned Asda, Sainsbury, and William Morrison, but not as Aldi or Lidl, the two discounters that have roiled the marketplace, building market share while eroding the business done by the fig four supermarkets.
KC's View:
It is a little dangerous to define the competition the way you want tom and the way that suits your purposes ... as opposed to the way that the competition really is, and the way that really matters to the customer.

Reminds me of when bricks-and-mortar retailers decide to price match against other bricks-and-mortar retailers, but not against e-commerce companies such as Amazon. Such tactics, it seems to me, are all hat, no cattle.