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Caught up with a piece written for the New York Times last week by business and leadership expert Tony Schwartz in which he suggests that employers need to invest more time and effort in their employees' happiness.

An excerpt:

"When I ask business leaders whether they believe that their employees perform better when they are happier, healthier and more fulfilled, the answer is always yes. When I then ask if they systematically invest in making their employees happier, healthier and more fulfilled, the answer is almost invariably no.

"The truth is that most leaders don’t think much about what the people who work for them are feeling or how meeting their needs influences their productivity.

"What fuels people at work is deceptively simple. We want to feel valued and valuable — cared for by our bosses and colleagues and encouraged to develop and express our talents.

"We want to matter and we also want the work we do to matter. We hunger to make our own mark and to be a part of a larger community engaged in a mission beyond ourselves."
KC's View:
Click on the link above and take a look at this column ... I think Schwartz makes some valuable observations about the importance of feeling valued and valuable, with some interesting examples of companies that have followed this path.

I know there are some folks who think that this ought not be the purview or a high priority of companies ... but I always wonder if these folks are so blasé about their own need to feel valued and valuable, and all that is required to make them feel that way.