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The Seattle Times reports that there may be life in La Boulange yet.

La Boulange, you may recall, is the chain of 23 French-inspired bakeries that Starbucks acquired from founder Pascal Rigo for $100 million in 2012. Starbucks wanted the La Boulange expertise as a way of improving its own food offerings, but it closed all the La Boulange locations this past summer.

Now, Rigo reportedly has reacquired five of those locations and is reopening them under the name La Boulangerie.

Rigo did not comment on the story, but Starbucks spokeswoman Holly Hart Shafer
told the Times, “Though we can’t speak to Pascal’s next endeavor, we are thrilled for him and the community and wish him all the best."
KC's View:
I felt bad when Starbucks closed La Boulange down just seemed like a shame, even though it was hardly unexpected. So I'm glad that it will rise again, even if under a slightly different name.