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The Houston Chronicle reports that Amazon launched its Amazon Prime Now service in Houston this week, "allowing local Amazon Prime members to get one-hour delivery of thousands of items via the company's website or app."

The story notes that "the move follows by one day the announcement by Wal-Mart Stores that it will offer same-day curbside pickup at seven stores in the region."
KC's View:
Expect this battle to play out over and over and over, with plenty of collateral damage.

It's been interesting to see the pundits talk about how Walmart, with its announcement this week that it expects to have three tough years before things like its e-commerce investments begin to pay off, seems to be taking the same investors-be-damned approach as Amazon. I think that's only true to a point ... because while Amazon's lack of legacy issues frees it up to invest in all sorts of new businesses and technologies, Walmart still has a lot of real estate and existing issues with which it has to grapple.

Still, as I said earlier this week, this battle is going to get a lot more intense, and Walmart potentially has become a far more dangerous competitor.