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Amazon announced that it is suing more than 1,000 people who it accuses of posting false product reviews on its site, saying that they are misleading Amazon customers by violating its terms of service and breaking Washington State's consumer protection laws.

According to the CNN story, "The lawsuit targets account holders on, a marketplace for odd-jobs where 'gigs' are sold for $5 and up. Amazon doesn't know who is behind the accounts so lists them all as 'John Doe' in the suit.

"Amazon sued several websites in April for selling false reviews. It said most of those sites have been shut down, and it described the new suit against individual reviewers as the next step." has denied any culpability for the allegedly fraudulent reviews.
KC's View:
Customer reviews are one of the great innovations that Amazon has brought to the e-commerce environment ... and I think that in cases of mass fraud, it absolutely must defend the integrity of the system it has established.