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It was just a week ago that MNB took note of a Bloomberg story about how 23andMe, which makes an at-home DNA testing kit, "raised $115 million in venture-capital financing as it prepares to introduce a new consumer product and expands its drug-discovery arm."

Now, the Associated Press reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given 23andMe the go-ahead to reintroduce these testing kits, which it was forced to pull from the marketplace two years ago when the FDA said the marketing was getting ahead of the science.

"The relaunch is a partial victory for the Mountain View, California-based company, but not a total comeback," the AP writes. "23andMe still cannot offer more than 250 risk reports included in its original product, which purported to tell users if they were likely to develop diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Those reports and others related to drug reactions remain unavailable in the U.S."

The story says that "new customers will pay more for the updated 23andMe experience. The company will charge $199 per person, up from $99."
KC's View:
As I said a week ago, this is technology with enormous potential to affect how food is bought ... and it is only going to get more effective and more widespread.