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MNB reader John Hall had some thoughts about the lawsuit against Subway that charges it with misleading marketing since its six and foot-long sandwiches were not exactly that long.

Is this setting a dangerous precedent?  Are we opening the door for other lawsuits because my burger is not a quarter pound or my 16 ounce steak only arrived at the table at 15?  Are we going to see people in eating establishments with portable scales and their smart phone camera to document such wanton injustice?  This is a slippery slope methinks.

Regarding the study we quoted from about millennials' changing priorities - less commitment to marriage and children - one MNB reader wrote:

These studies would be more useful if they were comparative in nature. That would clarify what is attributed to life stage and what is attributed to a new belief system.  When I was 22, (many years ago) I didn’t know anyone my age who was talking about having kids for exactly the same reasons noted in the study.
There are many differences with this generation regarding social accountability and responsibility, but these findings are just life stage evolution stuff.

From MNB reader Brian Blank:

There is something awfully familiar about the findings on the Millennials’ attitude towards needing/having children.  Oh, yes…sounds very much like what the fresh-faced young professionals (remember Yuppies?) said in the 80’s.  And if I’m doing the math correctly, they are the ones who gave us the Millennials. 
I think the real change will be that babies will start arriving by Amazon drones instead of the Stork.

Just because Baby Boomers didn't actually live up to our own expectations is no reason to think that Millennials won't.

And, on another subject, one MNB user wrote:

I have been following the developments at the Fresh Market for a awhile.  Very telling that in all the announcements and quotes there is no mention of improving operations, customer service or the customer experience.  Could too much focus on Wall Street be the reason for the company’s declining performance?

Could be.
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