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There's an interesting interview in the Wall Street Journal with Dana Anderson, chief marketing officer at Mondelez, in which she talks about how educating executives about the importance of digital media is critical to the company's transition to one that depends more than ever on digital technologies to spread its message.

In the interview, she makes an extremely important point, that "when our folks are not confident, they will go back to what they know. So if I know how to measure TV and to look at TV commercials, I am going to feel more comfortable with buying TV. If I am less comfortable in digital, maybe I will step back from that."
KC's View:
That's a really important observation ... that we all tend to fall back on habitual behavior, and this can lead to irrelevance if we're not careful. It speaks to the importance of educating the people in our organizations, as well as to why it is critical to diversify the workforce as much as possible.