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• Labeed Diab, who has been serving as president of Health & Wellness at Walmart US, said yesterday that he is leaving the company to become COO at Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., with responsibility for all aspects of operations, including community and field operations, marketing and sales.

Diab formerly was president of the Midwest division for Walmart US, as well as regional vice president of operations for Aramark Healthcare, and a regional vice president with Rite Aid.
KC's View:
It is interesting to note yet another departure from Walmart in which an executive left under his own steam. CEO Doug McMillon has been moving a lot of pieces around the board, and I have to wonder if some folks are looking at the game and thinking to themselves that a) this is a good time to take that call from the recruiter, and/or b) with all these new job titles, some previous paths to advancement may be at least temporarily cut off.

Or, it could just be that all the tumult within Walmart has got recruiters thinking that this is a good time to harvest some ripe fruit off the Bentonville tree. (I use the word "ripe" in the best, most complimentary way here ... just in case anyone is wondering.)

There is another possibility - that these executives have decided to move on to companies that they simply think will be more fun to run ... less bureaucratic, more nimble, easier to have real impact.

I vote for that one.