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Nielsen is out with a new study about millennials' shopping habits, concluding that whatever generational and behavioral changes may be taking place in that generation, it remains made up of people who like to shop at Walmart. The study says that 75.5 percent of total millennials shop at Walmart, while 55.6 percent shop at Target, and 46.8 percent shop at Amazon. The numbers are a little different among so-called "upscale millennials" - 67.8 percent shop at Walmart, 65.2 percent shop at Target, and 59.7 percent shop on Amazon.

In laying out the more popular retailers for total millennials and upscale millennials, most of the names are the same, if in different order - Dollar Tree, Kohl's and Dollar general are in the 4-5-6 positions for total millennials, for example, while Kohl's is ranked # 4 for upscale millennials, Dollar Tree is seventh, and Dollar general doesn't even make the top 10.

One curiosity that speaks to how some folks define "value proposition" - Costco is # 8 on the upscale list, but does not make the total millennials list.
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