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The New York Times reports that Guinness has decided to reformulate its Irish stout.

According to the story, "The company announced on Monday that starting at the end of 2016, its beer will no longer contain trace amounts of fish bladder, an integral part of its filtration process." The change will allow Guinness stout - which has been made for more than 250 years - to be identified as vegan.

"Few customers — except perhaps vegans and vegetarians who enjoy a pint — were probably even aware that the famous inky-black drink contained any fish parts at all," the Times writes. "But it is actually quite common for cask beers to be filtered using isinglass, a gelatinlike substance derived from the dried swim bladders of fish that is used to separate out unwanted solids like yeast particles from a brew, the company said ... The substance is removed from the beer after it has fulfilled its filtration role."

Now, using a state-of-the-art filtration system, Guinness will be able to go vegan without changing the taste.
KC's View:
Who knew that Guinness was going through a bladder before it went through mine?