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Multichannel Merchant has story suggesting that "traditional holiday shopping as we know it no longer exists, not even in comparison to last year. A customer who shopped one way in the past may well stir the pot by hopping from one unexpected channel to another, only to return to the original option for the next transaction.

"Despite the proliferation of shopping channels, a recent study published by Oracle and Edison Research indicates that last year Christmas sales via smartphones and tablets were up 55%, and 37% of all online sales (or 8.9% of all total retail sales) were made directly via a mobile device."

The story also notes that "a recent Apptentive survey reveals that 'app-rooming' is becoming increasingly popular. This term refers to the act of using a mobile app to browse items, followed by a physical visit to the store to purchase them. Out of the survey respondents who said they use retail mobile apps, 71% stated that they had 'app-roomed' at least once in the previous month."

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that "forty percent of Americans plan to spend more on holiday shopping this year thanks to increased optimism around personal financial situations, compared with only 25% who said the same in 2014." Those numbers come from an Accenture report, which also says that "online is the preferred shopping option as compared to in-store though one in 10 think they will use a particular channel depending on what they are purchasing ... Sixty-five percent prefer to purchase products from the website of a brick-and-mortar retailer (versus other online stores), due to convenience, trust and security."
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