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by Kevin Coupe
In the UK, the Telegraph reports that a drone may have been responsible for the death of a police horse.

According to the story, "Fimber, a 14-year-old horse who joined West Yorkshire Police in 2004, died after he vaulted the fence of his paddock and collided with a wooden post after appearing to be spooked. Officers later discovered a radio-controlled drone at the site near Wakefield, West Yorkshire, after it was spotted by a police helicopter crew."

Police have not said definitively that the drone was responsible, but have said that video footage shows the horse being spooked, apparently after hearing something. The horse was used to hearing helicopter takeoffs and landings, the story says, so it must have been something unusual to cause this reaction.

It is a pretty good bet that this won't be the last such story we hear about drones causing havoc of one form or another. But it also is worth pointing out that this wasn't a commercial drone, but rather one being flown by a private citizen ... and I think that if commercial drone usage becomes commonplace, there will be rules and regulations and lanes to which companies will have to adhere.

It is up to a sophisticated culture to provide the framework for new technologies to work ... and not to take the knee-jerk reaction, which is that such technologies are inherently bad. Still, the story is an Eye-Opener.
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