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Mark Bittman, the influential bestselling cookbook author and food columnist for the New York Times who resigned a few weeks ago to become chief innovation officer for startup Purple Carrot, described as "a meal kit delivery service for vegans," is back.

Bittman, it has been announced, will begin a twice-monthly column for , in which he will write about the process "of going through the startup process, an as-it-happens story."

In his first effort, entitled "This Is Gonna Be Harder Than I Thought," Bittman writes, in part:

"It turns out sourcing for a new company is tricky; you don’t just call the 'best' farmers around and tell them you need all their zucchinis: Those farmers may be hard to find, they may not have enough zucchinis, or they may have sold them to someone else. Figuring out how to transform great recipes into meal kits turns out to be not so straightforward either: There are many steps from sourcing to packing, and the possible pitfalls are many. And if Amazon can’t figure out how to avoid alienating customers with their recycled corrugated containers and box-sizing software, how could a startup with a claimed valuation of only $15 million solve its packaging problems?"

It promises to be a great series ... and you can read the first installment here.
KC's View:
I'm particularly interested to read this because Bittman admits to finding himself a little out of his depth ... the skills he's developed as a writer and analyst don't necessarily translate to actually doing the stuff he writes about. I'm nowhere near being in Bittman's league, but I often wonder if I could actually do the things I write about and recommend.

I'm sure his series is going to make me think about it even more.