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Bloomberg reports that Amazon soon will offer its Prime members "the option of adding other online subscriptions to their accounts, including major, well-known movie and TV channels, and ... will also sell prepackaged bundles of its own creation."

The appeal of such an offering, the story says, "may help lure new customers to Amazon Prime as it competes with Netflix Inc. and Hulu LLC. The new feature would mark the next evolution in the online giant’s approach to home entertainment, combining its expertise in retail with its growing investment in video. Prime Instant Video would resemble something between a cable-TV subscription, though without live programming, and the online array of video offered through devices from Roku Inc., Apple TV or Amazon’s own Fire TV."

The companies that decide to do business with Amazon would see two benefits, the story says. One would be some form of revenue sharing, and the other would be access to so-called cord-cutters who are not watching programming available on traditional media, but who are part of Amazon's enormous - and growing - customer base.
KC's View:
And once again, we see Amazon's ecosystem expanding.

I can imagine that these kinds of moves could assuage viewers who resist, say, the idea of paying for a subscription to CBS's streaming service so they can watch the new "Star Trek" TV series. Instead, it could get folded into their Amazon Prime membership, for which CBS would get to dip its beak, and Amazon would see Prime become even more attractive.

One could say that Amazon continues to boldly go...

One other thought. Y'think it is possible that Amazon at some point gets into the business of bidding on live sporting events, and then streaming them live via its Prime video services?

I wouldn't bet against it.