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The New York Post reports that federal regulators appear ready to block Staples' proposed acquisition of Office Depot for $6.3 billion.

According to the story, "the Federal Trade Commission was uneasy about the Staples-Office Depot because it would be the sole nationwide office supply provider to corporations and the government. Other media publications have also reported that the FTC’s concerns centered less on the retail market and more on corporate clients."

notes that "the commission already successfully blocked a merger between Staples and Office Depot in 1997, arguing at the time that the combined company would substantially hurt competition at the retail level. But the FTC signed off on the 2013 merger between Office Depot and OfficeMax, acknowledging the market for consumer office supplies has changed significantly since 1997."
KC's View:
Not sure why governments and corporations can't order online just like the rest of us. This is an antiquated approach to the subject of competition, IMHO ... and it leaves in place two retailers that could conceivable find it hard to survive on their own in the current climate. If they both go out of business, who does that serve in the long run?