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Fortune reports on a new study saying that that Amazon Prime "is drawing younger and wealthier shoppers who are now using the website to shop for an increasingly diverse range of products, notably apparel.

The study, by Cowen & Co., concludes that "members of Prime ... have an average household income is $69,300, well above the income of Amazon shoppers in general, and some 24.8% higher than Walmart shoppers’ average income and 4% above Target’s. That means Prime is particularly enticing to the higher income shoppers both Walmart and Target are trying to woo." In addition, "the Prime customer is younger, averaging 36.5 years old, versus 42 at Walmart. (Target attracts a similarly younger clientele to Amazon Prime.)"

The study also reveals that Amazon Prime customers are shopping across more categories that they did a year ago.
KC's View:
The Amazon ecosystem continues to expand and absorb, all at the same time. It is one of the reasons that Walmart, Target and Jet are going to have so much trouble competing with Amazon ... it is creating something very different from just a retail experience.