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The Associated Press reports that many of the companies that "pledged to build or renovate more stores in or near food deserts by mid-2016 as part of Michelle Obama's campaign to reduce childhood obesity" have lived up to their commitments, and that "only Wal-Mart and an independent store that is part of a cooperative have met their goals for the first lady's group, Partnership for a Healthier America."

Walmart, the story says, "pledged to build or renovate up to 300 stores," and "built or renovated 392 stores, with the majority new stores." The independent is Brown's Super Stores, which operates ShopRite stores in the Philadelphia area.

Among the companies that didn't get it done were Supervalu, which the story says promised to open 250 supermarkets and only opened 104, and Walgreen, which "promised to start selling more fruits and vegetables in 1,000 to 2,000 Walgreens stores" but only did so in 160 stores.
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