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TechCrunch has a story about Tapingo, a mobile ordering service currently operating on 125 college campuses. "With an average campus coffee shop processing 300-500 Tapingo orders a day, and a busy venue receiving over 800 orders, the platform has grown to the point where it is a household name on some college campuses," the story says, that "processes over 25,000 transactions per day, with the average users placing four orders per week."

The story goes on:

"Tapingo’s service will be entirely staffed by students. The service is also designed to work with on or off-campus dining options, and students will be able to use campus meal dollars to pay for the food.

"Daniel Almog, CEO at Tapingo, explained that the company is uniquely situated to offer the lowest possible delivery fee out of all its competitors. Almog said that this is because deliveries in a condensed area like a college campus means student couriers can be extremely efficient, delivering 3-4 orders an hour.

"Student couriers will work on their own schedule and have the option to turn on the app whenever they want to accept a delivery. The company said that students could even turn on the app while going to pick up food for themselves, and end up accepting an order to bring back to the dorms or library with them."
KC's View:
This isn't just about satisfying college students who, let's face it, love instant gratification. It is about creating an entire class of people who will expect these kinds of services to be available to them, and are totally open to unconventional ordering and delivery services. Tapingo isn't doing it all by itself, but it is building on an existing trend and helping to set the table for the future.