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The Daily Meal reports that "the product experts at Whole Foods think they know what consumers (i.e. Whole Foods customers) will go wild for in 2016."

Canned wine.

“Options that provide accessibility and convenience without trading quality will continue to gain traction,” Whole Foods says. “Cue the aluminum can — a portable, easy-to-chill option that’s well suited for single servings and active, outdoor lifestyles. And with choices like Infinite Monkey Theorem and Presto Sparkling wine, today’s pop-tops are the new popped-cork.”
KC's View:

I am, to be fair, a little conflicted about this. I guess that anything that contributes to a greater appreciation of wine in the US is a good thing.

But one of the things that I love about wine is that it is a little magical. It makes an average weekday meal a little better. And somehow, I worry that this will be lost if suddenly it is in the same kind of packaging a a soft drink or beer.