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• The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that "Macy's is taking a hard look at its real estate and store portfolio as it seeks appease impatient shareholders concerned about sliding retail sales." The company is said to be ready to announce the closing of 40 stores in its current fleet of close to 800, as it seeks higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

However, the plan to shut down more than five percent of its store count also is seen as a recognition that online sales will play a larger role in Macy's future, and that it needs to begin adjusting its investment and capital allocation plans so that they are relevant to its customers.

• The Associated Press reports that meal combos seem to be all the rage in the fast food business, taking the place of value menus in terms of aggressive promotion by the chains.

According to the story, McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s are falling all over themselves - and often copying each other - to create bundles that will get new customers in the store and lure regulars from the competition.

Bundled crap still tastes like crap. Chains like in-n-Out don't worry about bundles ... they just make a better tasting burger, and watch the lines form outside the door. If the burger chains really want to make a statement, maybe they should just define themselves as "not Chipotle...we sell only over-processed food in which no pathogens could survive."
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