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• The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on "an unobtrusive but consequential bill, called the Healthy Small Food Retailer Act, is weaving its way through the New Jersey Legislature" that would "assist small food retailers in low- and moderate-income urban and rural communities by providing them funds to increase the availability and sale of fresh and nutritious foods."

If the bill becomes law, the story says, "funds would be distributed to a grantee, typically a nonprofit group, which would give the money to small food retailers, such as neighborhood grocers. It also would require the New Jersey Department of Health to develop a 'Healthy Corner Store Program' to increase the availability of fresh produce and healthy food by these same retailers, and hold them accountable."

The Inquirer notes that "a report by New Jersey Policy Perspective showed that 15.6 percent - nearly one in every six households in the state - didn't have enough money to buy food at some point last year."
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