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MyWebGrocer, a leading provider of e-commerce and digital marketing solutions to the grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries, announced its partnership with Sitecore, the global leader in web and digital experience management, to provide fast, efficient and increasingly personalized experiences for grocery brands seeking to deepen their engagement with online grocery shoppers.

By integrating Sitecore into MyWebGrocer's Digital Experience Platform, MyWebGrocer is able to marry its own best-in-class commerce, order management, data intelligence and personalization solutions with Sitecore, allowing global, multi-lingual and multi-channel content delivery at enterprise scale.

"Online grocery is undergoing a dramatic transformation, and we've taken the lead in helping grocers evolve their business models to accommodate the changing path to purchase," said Eric Healy, MyWebGrocer President. "Our partnership with Sitecore provides MyWebGrocer customers with an award-winning and user-friendly web content management system capable of delivering truly customized content to grocery shoppers at every touch point."

MyWebGrocer works with more than 100 grocery chains to attract, engage, transact and retain grocery shoppers. Sitecore's technology will be integrated directly into the MyWebGrocer platform.

"This partnership will complement our unmatched grocery functionality, universal product library and integrated order management system, allowing for single, multi and wave picking," said Joseph Lee, global SVP of commerce and marketing at MyWebGrocer.

To learn more about MyWebGrocer and its Digital Experience Platform, click here.
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