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The Indianapolis Business Journal reports that Marsh Supermarkets, which in recent years reduced its store count from 116 to 73 as it dealt with heightened competition and looked to get rid of unprofitable units, plans to remodel and update 30 of its remaining units.
KC's View:
This may be a case of ante up or go home ... Kroger has announced its plans to spend more than $400 million to expand and upgrade its Indianapolis fleet of stores.

I would suggest to Marsh, with all due respect, that perhaps it needs to think beyond "remodeling" and instead focus on "reinvention."

Because it seems to me that in order to thrive in 2016 and beyond, it isn't enough to invest in some new cases and a fresh coat of paint. If it were me, I'd be asking questions about the fundamentals of the business, and where the holes are ... I'd be looking for places to make a dramatic and unambiguous statement about how we are going to invest in a shopping revolution.

Because I'm not sure that incremental steps are nearly enough, especially for a 73-store regional grocer. Good enough simply isn't good enough.

It seems to me that decades ago, Marsh was a cutting edge retailer. For lots of reasons, it has lost the edge. The only way to thrive is to regain it.