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The Golub Corporation announced yesterday that Scott Grimmett has been promoted from executive vice president/COO to be the company's president/CEO - the first person not named Golub in the company's history to hold the title.

Jerry Golub, who has been CEO, now becomes vice chairman of the board, charged with leading "a new board finance committee focused on accelerating the conversion of Price Chopper stores to the new Market 32 banner." Neil Golub remains as chairman of the board.

“This is an exciting time for our company,” Neil Golub said in a prepared statement. “While international conglomerates and Wall St. continue to consolidate our industry, we are investing in our future as a strong, American-owned, family-built regional chain. The design work that we invested in Market Bistro (circa 2010-2014), coupled with the brand-defining innovation that has given rise to our first few Market 32 concept stores has not only laid the groundwork for our continued growth, but also fueled the acceleration of our plans to modernize our stores under the Market 32 banner. ”

Before joining Price Chopper, Grimmett spent 37 years at Safeway, starting as bagger and eventually serving as president of several of the company's divisions.
KC's View:
I've learned over the years that few things raise Neil Golub's ire more than being asked about rumors that the company is for sale. (I hate making those calls and sending those emails to him. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.)

So I had to chuckle when I read that he told the Albany Times Union that "companies that are going to sell themselves" don't make moves like this one.

I absolutely take Neil at his word. And I do think that these moves are designed to help the company deal with what is a large and daunting task, converting not just the Price Chopper banner to the Market 32 banner, but converting the longtime brand equity associated with one to the other.

As I've said here before, reinvention and revolution are critical these days to survival. This is exactly what the Golubs are aiming for, and I hope that they are successful.