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The Associated Press reports that the Maine State Senate is about to begin debating a possible change in the law passed in January 2014 that would require labels on foods containing genetically modified organisms.

That law only kicks in if four states contiguous to Maine pass similar legislation. But now some lawmakers want to get rid of that condition. Here's how the story frames the issue:

"Supporters of labeling foods made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are divided on whether the trigger should stay. Some label supporters, and some opponents, argue that repealing the trigger would leave Maine with different rules than nearby states, and local grocers on the hook for the cost of the labels. Others say the state should have the right to act on the labels on its own.

"Still others on both sides have said the state should wait to see what federal lawmakers do with the issue, since industry-supported legislation that is pending U.S. Senate approval would pre-empt any state labeling requirements."
KC's View:
Funny. Just a few weeks ago, I was perfectly willing to jump off the pro-GMO labeling bandwagon and accept the idea that it is simply more expedient to allow products without GMOs to be labeled that way. But since then, the worm seems to have turned ... Campbell Soup has come out in favor of GMO labeling, and the pro-GMO labeling movement seems to have gained more traction.

Maybe it is a matter of expediency be damned.