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Tessio is dead. Again.

Abe Vigoda, who played Tessio in the original The Godfather, meeting an ignominious end after he betrayed the Corleone family (for reasons that were business, not personal), has passed away at age 94. After The Godfather, Vigoda went on to television fame as Det. Phil Fish on the "Barney Miller" television series.

The New York Times notes that Vigoda "outlived by about 34 years an erroneous report of his death that made him a cult figure."
KC's View:
I met Vigoda once, on the "Barney Miller" set, when I had a chance to spend time there as a film/TV student at Loyola Marymount University. My memory was that he had an enormously droll sense of humor, keeping the cast and crew in stitches during rehearsal. But for me, he'll always be Tessio ...