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Just a week after opening its first store on Long Island, New York, and its fifth grocery store overall, Stew Leonard's said yesterday it has plans to open another store there, in East Meadow.

The store is expected to open next year and will be in a renovated section of the East Meadow Mall.

“We were thrilled with our store opening in Farmingdale, and it encouraged us to expand on Long Island,” Stew Leonard Jr., president and chief executive of the family-owned and -operated company, said in a statement.
KC's View:
I liked the Farmingdale store a lot, and think there is plenty of room on Long Island for more Stew Leonard's stores. The one thing you can count on, I think, is that Stew Leonard's won't make the Fairway mistake ... selling the company to financial types who will drive growth to the point where the company cannot manage it.

They'll grow as appropriate, but they won't put the company at risk. Which is very smart.