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Advertising Age reports that a US District Court judge has ruled that Chobani must stop marketing efforts that slammed rivals Dannon and Yoplait for using artificial ingredients.

According to the story, the judge said that Chobani cannot claim that "that sucralose renders Dannon's products unsafe to consume" or "that potassium sorbate renders Yoplait Greek 100 unsafe to consume," though it can talk in positive terms about its own use of natural ingredients.

Chobani responded by saying that the commercials in question no longer are running, but that it plans to continue to "fight the good fight."

"This is not a marketing campaign, it's a mindset campaign, and it outlines the difference between using only natural ingredients versus artificial ingredients," said Chobani Chief Marketing and Brand Officer Peter McGuinness. "While we're disappointed by the preliminary ruling, we're committed to continuing the conversation and it's good to see big food companies like General Mills starting to remove artificial ingredients from some of their products, like their cereals. In the end, if we can give more people more information while helping other food companies make better food, everyone wins."
KC's View:
I always prefer marketing efforts that are positive, not negative. And I'm not sure that slamming the competition this way does much more than poison the entire category. That's not good for anyone, long-term.