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• The Associated Press reports that "Dunkin’ Donuts, feeling sidelined by a discounting fight in the fast-food industry, is planning to jump into the game with its own deals," with three planned national promotions this year. The move is prompted by some slippage in customer visits at stores open at least 18 months, but the company acknowledges that before it can introduce the promotions it has to get the approval of its franchisees, who are expected to be resistant.

"Finding the right promotion could be tricky," the story says, "because the popularity of menu items varies by region. In the Northeast, for instance, the company sells more drinks, while other markets rely on doughnuts."

• The National Retail Federation is predicting that 54.8 percent of US adults plan to spend an average of $146.84 on Valentine's Day presents this year - slightly more than the $142.31 average spend last year.

Total Valentine's Day spending this year is expected to hit $19.7 billion, with candy still listed as the top present to be purchased for the holiday.
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